Frequently Asked Questions

Do the tips listed on really work?

Well, this depends on the condition your PC and operating system is in right now. In most cases, our tips will show you at least a minor speed/performance increase. So this doesn't mean they always will and we do not guarantee a speed increase.

Did you test the tips on your website?

Yes, all our tips are tested for usability.

I've tried all your tips but my PC is still very slow. What can I do?

If your PC is very (very) old, it might be time to buy a new one. If this is not the case your computer hardware might not be working properly. Ask a good friend who knows something about computers to help you. If you don't know anyone and you're sure your computer is new enough and you tried all of our tips, try to find a local computer fixing service to help you out. In most areas in the world there are plenty of services around who focus on fixing PC's.

Are the tips written by

Yes, all our tips are originally written for and by

I have a good tip that isn't listed on Can I add it?

Yes! We gladly accept new tips. You can send them to us via our contact page. However, keep in mind that we do not guarantee your tip will be added. We will need to review and test the tip first. Once approved, we will add it to our tips and we will send you an email to thank you for your kind addition!