Speed Up Nvidia Graphics Card

On this page we will give you the best tips to speed up your Nvidia graphics card for better results when playing video's, video games, etc.. There are two ways to improve the performance of a video card, either you can tweak it to display better quality graphics or either you tweak it to speed the performance up. If you want to have faster graphics you're usually gonna have to sacrifice the quality of your graphics a little. This is because lower quality graphics usually need lesser resources, giving you more frames per second.


Nvidia Graphics Card Properties Tool

Speed Up Nvidia Graphics CardYou can tweak your Nvidia card to perform better by using the build-in properties "tool". With this tool you can change various display settings.

Overclocking Nvidia Graphics Card

All Nvidia cards have a hidden tool that ables you to overclock the graphics card. This tool can be enabled by tweaking the Windows registry. See below how to enable the tool and how to use it.
WARNING: Overclocking your graphics card can damage the card and/or your entire system. Overclock your card with caution. Watch out for the temperature of your card, don't let it get too high.