Update Drivers in Windows

Hardware manufacturers often update their drivers with new features or to adapt their hardware to new operating systems or new versions of important supporting software. These updates can speed your PC/Windows with a large amount. Most manufacturers do not notify you when they made such updates. They expect you to update these drivers by yourself. Below here is explained how you can do this.


Update Drivers In Windows

First try to automatically update the driver in Windows. There is an automatic service in Windows which you can use:

No Luck? Update Drivers Manually

Update DriversBefore you update your drivers you need to know the name of the hardware component model and the manufacturer of the hardware. Don't know the name(s)? Follow the instructions below to find it.

Method one:
Method two:
Method three:

Download the Driver(s)

Method one:
Method two:

Install and Update the Drivers

Method one: Please note that there aren't always driver updates available for a hardware component. When you think there are driver updates available, you tried all our tips and you still can't install the drivers, call or email the support of the manufacturer and ask for help.