Change Browser

One of the best ways to speed up internet browsing is change your browser when you use Windows' default browser. You might not believe it but sometimes the solution to slow internet is simply to change your browser. The default browser in Windows is Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is one of the slowest browsers around today. We advice you to change your browser to Google Chrome, Opera or Safari. Below is a list of the Top 5 fastest browsers around. As you can see, Internet Explorer is the slowest browser. The fastest browser today is Google Chrome, it is at least (at least) twice as fast as Internet Explorer.


Top 5 Fastest Browsers

Change Browser
The above "Top 5 Fastest Browsers" list is based on our own browser testing plus several browser tests done by respected Computer magazines and technology sites between January 2012 untill February 2012.

How To Change Browser

The only thing you have to do when you want to change your browser is downloading and installing it. Click on one of the above download links to download the browser of your choice. Follow the instructions to download the browser and install it. That's it. You can now use the browser of your choice and surf the web with it!

Remove/Disable Internet Explorer

If you've just changed your browser and you're planning on never using Internet Explorer again it's a good idea to remove Internet Explorer from Windows. See our Remove Internet Explorer page to see how.