Delete Internet History

Delete your internet history and immediately realiez you've just speeded up your browsing experience, especially when you haven't deleted your history for a long time. On this page you can learn how to delete your history of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. After browsing for years and not taking care of your browser history there's only one thing you should do: delete your internet history immediately!


How To Delete Internet History

Delete Internet HistoryBelow we will explain you how to delete your history for all the popular browsers. Before we do that we have to ask you to make sure you do not delete history that you'll need in the future. It can be really annoying when you can't find back a website that you visited before, all because you deleted your history. So make sure you bookmark the websites you do not want to forget.

Delete Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x History

Delete Internet Explorer 8.x History

Delete Mozilla Firefox History


Delete Chrome History