Windows Registry Tweaks

On this page we will show you one of the registry tweaks that will automatically change various registry entries that will speed Windows up. The good part is that when you make a .reg file you don't have to manually change/create all the registry values by yourself. See below how to do it make the registry tweaks.


Make The "Registry Tweak" File

Windows Registry Tweaks

Note: When you want to change the registry back to your old values, use the backup you made with step 1

How Did I Speed Up Windows?

With the .reg file you just created and executed you have changed different registry entries that will speed up Windows in various ways. Below is explained what you changed and how it will effect Windows.

MenuShowDelay: Reduces menu display times
LowLevelHooksTimeout: Ends services automatically when they are not responding
NoInternetOpenWith: Stops the "Windows Cannot Open This File" window from popping up when a file type is unidentified
LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo: Windows attempts to connect to the original network resource when you access the shortcut, while creating a shortcut to a resource on a mapped network drive, and altogether remapping the same drive to a different network resource.
NoResolveSearch: Stops Windows from searching disk(s) to resolve a shortcut
NoLowDiskSpaceChecks: This will stop Windows from checking out if you have low disk space
NoResolveTrack: Stops Windows from using NTFS when it resolves a shortcut
HungAppTimeout: Reduces the timeout waiting time of any application to 1 second