Speed Up Windows Shutdown

A reason why you are able to speed up the Windows shutdown is because after using Windows for a while it takes longer and longer to shut down. This shut down time can be reduced by changing certain values in the Windows Registry to speed up the process. Below is explained how to make a file that will automatically change all the necessary registry entries that will speed up Windows shutdown.


Making a "Speed Up Windows Shutdown" Registry File

Speed Up Windows ShutdownBelow we are gonna show you how to make your own registry file which can speed up the shut down time of Windows. This file can change all the necessary registry values at once, so you won't have to manually change all registry entries yourself. Follow the steps below:

Note: If you are unhappy with the changes you made, use the backup of your registry you made in step 1 to bring back your old registry values

What Have I Changed?

Below is explained what you changed to the registry (with the registry file you have made above) and what the different values do.

WaitToKillAppTimeout: Ends user processes automatically when shutting down Windows
LowLevelHooksTimeout: Ends services automatically when they are not responding
AutoEndTasks: Makes ANY task you have running end automatically when shutting down Windows
HungAppTimeout: Reduces the timeout waiting time of any application to 1 second
WaitToKillServiceTimeout: Prevents Windows from timing out when services are not responding