Speed Up Windows StartUp

The biggest reason to speed up the Windows startup is because one of the biggest annoyances many people experience is waiting on their PC's to start up Windows. In some cases starting up Windows takes as long as 5 minutes(or even longer). Not many people know that there are a few things you can do manually to make Windows start faster. Below are some of the best tips to speed up your Windows startup.


Remove Programs from StartUp

Speed Up Windows StartupThe first and most important thing you could do to speed up Windows startup is remove or disable programs from starting up when you boot Windows. There are two ways to do this manually.

The first method is the most effective way:
The second method is easier but less effective:
All unnecessary programs that were slowing Windows down while starting up are disabled from loading at the startup now. You can enable these programs at any time, just follow method 2 and click enable instead of disable.

Change Windows Theme

Another way of speeding up your startup is changing your Windows Theme. Find out how to do this in our Change Windows Theme guide.

Remove Programs

A third method to speed the Windows startup is to remove unnecessary programs from your computer and registry. Wanna know how to do this? Read our Remove Programs in Windows guide.